Sustainability Hackathon

  • Are you interested in contributing to a more sustainable society?
  • Would you like to meet new people & take your ideas off the ground?
  • How  about producing something really cool in one day?
  • And finally, do you want to come closer to renown companies and experts working with Sustainability?

Then Lets Hack for Sustainability together!

When:   Friday 29th of March 2019

Where: At the G-H nation. Trädgårdsgatan 9,Uppsala. (check the map below)

Organisers:  Sustainability InnoCenter (as a part of the CleanTech Challenge project)

The Sustainabilty Hackathon event  is organised by Sustainability InnoCenter  (the organisation hosting the CleanTech Challenge open innovation platform)

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Hacking for Sustainability

'Sustainability Hackathon ' is an open event for all those interested in discovering solutions which assist to a more sustainable future!

Therefore if you :

  1. feel like spending a day full of challenges together with other sustainability experts
  2. have an idea which you 'd like to develop further.
  3. like to gain new experiences & meet other likeminded colleagues 
  4. like meeting new friends and teammates

Then the  Sustainability Hackathon is the right event for you!

The event will start with a number of inspirational presentations and a panel of sustainability experts. Then you will be presented some challenges, to which together with your teammates, will have to present a solution by the end of the day.

During these hours fika and food will  be provided.

The event  will end up with the contestants presentations and the final prize ceremony!

  • Any background or interest is welcome
  • Bring your laptops , your best mood and smile

The event is free of charge, and will finish with a party. Limited seats available.

Sustainability Hackathon program


10.00 - 10:10 Opening the day - Sustainability InnoCenter & Vattenfall


Challenge 1: Green architecture in cities, Vasakronan (Time: 10.10 - 10:25 )
10.25 - 10:40 Intro of Challenge 2: Uppsala municipality & Simplicity Project

Challenge 2: Sustainable Urban mobility,  Uppsala municipality, (Time: 10.40 - 10:50 )

Challenge 3: Sport centers for well being and health ,IFU Arena (Time: 10.50 - 11:00 )
Challenge 4: Sunflower, Sweden's eviro-social hub, Sustainability InnoCenter(Time: 11.00 - 11:10 )


Inspirational presentations- Part 1

11:15 - 11:30 Presentation No1 , SEB
11:30 - 11:45 Presentation No2 , White Architects
11:45 - 12:00 Presentation No3 , IVL

12:00 - 12:45 LUNCH AND MINGLE

12:45 - 13:00 , Choice of challenge & team formation

Inspirational presentations- Part 2

13:00 - 13:15, Presentation No3, SLU University
13:15 - 13:30 Presentation No4, SL

13:30 - 13:45 Presentation No4,Sweden India Business Council

Hackers placed in teams (final)   - (Music plays)

14:00 - 16:00  Working on the challenges -  FIKA SERVED continuously 

16:30 - 18.30  Presentations & prize ceremony
18.30    Party starts

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    Amira El-Bidawi
    Business Development Manager , Vattenfall


    Amira El-Bidawi works at Vattenfall as a Business Development Manager at Green:field, Vattenfallís Open Innovation Platform with a focus on Wind Energy. She is one of the initiators and previous Project manager of Vattenfall Innovation in Sweden. She is also a boardmember of Kraftkvinnorna ìPowerwomenî an organization to promote equality in the  Energy sector in Sweden. Amira started working at Vattenfall at the corporate strategy  department with Competitive Intelligence supporting the board and executive group on emerging trends, strategic decisions, technology and their implications. Before that she was a Business Development Engineer at InnoEnergy part of EIT and a part of Refugee Tech. 

    At Vattenfall Amira has worked with managing topics of innovation, digitalisation, decarbonisation, startups, venture development, and collaborations between Vattenfall & technical universities. She has been part of forming a digital roadmap for Vattenfall and has established several innovation processes internally and externally. She also runs a network called ìFramtidens energi" on facebook, a project which has a mission to use collaboration and co-creation to find solutions for the future of energy in Sweden. She is a well experienced presenter, workshop designer, moderator and a Swedish Institute YLVP alumni (young leaders visitors program). Today her personal goal as a business developer in Green:field, is to develop solutions that can help us take care of our planetís resources, help us become more sustainable, and to challenge existing methods and ways of working with new thoughts and ideas.

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    Johan Rosén
    Strategic Advisor for the City of Uppsala

    Regional , national and international doer of things - Main parter!

    Johan has over 7 years experience working with the City of  Uppsala's cluster initiative within the ICT sector establishing  new projects and attracting investments. He is responsible for  engaging with the cityís fast growing startup sector, as well as  international collaborations between the city and research groups  with a focus on scalability.

    Johans background as an entrepreneur within the digital media sector  gives him a pragmatic understanding of how to form effective public-private sector partnerships, as well as how digitalization will fuel smart city growth.

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    Petra Stabauer
    MSc. Researcher, Salzburg research, at iLab. (Coord).

    Project coordination & task-lead at SimpliCITY

    She obtained her master degree in environmental system sciences focusing on sustainability and innovation management. Her main research topic is business model innovation in context of Digitalization and Industry 4.0 and in the field of circular economy (PHD proposal). Petra Stabauer, MSc. - Furthermore, she is focusing on mobility innovation services, in terms of e-mobility and autonomous driving, in which she is dealing with user acceptance, mobility behaviour, stakeholder analysis and requirement analysis. She has coordinated national studies and research activities in the field of digital innovations and has already gained experience in publicly funded research project management (certification of Project Manager trainings inhouse). Within SimpliCITY, she will be responsible for the project coordination and task-lead in the scientific framework. Furthermore, together with her colleagues she will design and carry through the evaluation and foster smart city networks and learning initiatives.

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    Harris Stamatopoulos
    The 'and' between Sustainability 'and' Innovation. The '&' between R&D (Research & Development)

    CleanTech Challenge and Sustainability Hackathon (SustHack) Initiator.

    Harris , works as Collaboration manager at the Innovation department of Uppsala University (UU Innovation) and is the founder of Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC).

    UU Innovation promotes increased utilisation of research and knowledge from Uppsala University and Harris  mission is to support and inspire researchers and students in the development of their ideas and results, and in their cooperation with companies and organisations. UU Innovation also represents a door into the university for businesses and organisations willing to develop through collaborative research or innovations produced in the academic institution.Harris' role among others is to support the university leadership on strategic issues relating to the university's interaction with the community. This means, among other things, providing a resource in Uppsala University's partnerships with companies and organisations and EU partnerships that have a focus on innovation. 

    Harris,  as the founder of Sustainability InnoCenter  ( in cooperation with his colleagues and partners) has initiated CleanTech Challenge  (one of Swedens's most renowned crowdsourcing innovation platform) and SustHack (Hack for Sustainability) context. Currently Harris, provides knowledge and guidance to SIC's team and members for taking actions in development of projects of high importance for the region and the local societies.

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    Andreas Bergensund
    Technical Developer

    Main partner. Challenge owner.

    Andreas Bergensund works as technical developer at Vasakronan, the leading property company in Sweden. The main objective of his work is to optimize existing technical systems and implement new technologies in buildings, thus contributing to a sustainable development of society – financially, environmentally and socially.

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    Sustainability Specialist at White Architects

    Global developments in sustainability

    Samantha Suppiah is a sustainable design engineer with an ethical, holistic approach towards informed urban design. Currently based in Stockholm and London, Samantha is embedded in global developments in sustainability within the built environment sector (architecture, engineering and construction). With a diverse portfolio of building projects in northern Europe, Samantha's international perspectives are taking her interests back to her origins in South East Asia and other developing regions, where true sustainable innovations are taking place everywhere by everyone.

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    Sustainability manager SEB

    'Can you make money on a sustainable development?'

    Gabriel Lundström is sustainability manager at SEB, a leading Nordic financial  services group with headquarters in Stockholm. In addition to his assignment at the bank, he is also on the board of Sweden's Sustainability Investment Forum  (Swesif), an industry organization  working to promote sustainable investments.

    He has also at the board of Global Compact Network Sweden.

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    Bridging Sweden and India in Sustainable Development

    "Mission India; an opportunity to bridge Sweden and India in sustainable development"Arati DavisVice PresidentSweden India Business CouncilArati started working with environment and natural resources in 2000,in the US, and she has had over a decade’s experience of working with sustainable development in the Sweden – India context; working first with Sida’s energy portfolio, and subsequently with the Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi’s Environment Office.Arati works with developing the Smart City Sweden India Group that focuses on developing projects under India’s Smart City Mission. This is done together with Forum for Swedish Smart Grids under the Government of Sweden, as well as Teknikföretagen.


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    Ola Kahlström
    Strategic planner - Infrastructure and mobility

    Challenges with sustainable urban mobility

    Ola has worked with strategic issues on infrastructure and  mobility for 15 years both on the regional level and local city level. He has  been responsible for the 12 year regional investment plan for the nationally managed infrastructure within the county of Uppsala. 

    Together with his colleagues in the city of Uppsala he currently works with a new strategy for transport and mobility with a 2050+ planning horizon. He is also involved in the Uppsala package, which is set to deliver a 4-track railway to Stockholm with a new train station at Bergsbrunna, a tramway and 33 000 houses and flats as well as an extended central railway station.

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    Ulrika Park
    Product Owner for App development at SL (Trafikförvaltningen).

    Innovative mobility services

    Ulrika Park has for many years developed digital services in public transport, travelling, media and other business. Open data and sustainable development is a big passion for her. She is been involved in Trafiklab community, and have been responsible for both SL travel planner app, Res i Sthlm app,  infotainment screens and more. Currently she ís working with the new ticketing system for SL.

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    Jude Mathew
    SIC, Collaboration partner


    Sustainability advisor for start ups and international projects .He has wide network of sustainability experts ranging for nano-technology to renewable energy. When it comes to start ups , he is passionate to assit them with potential networks relevant for their business ideas .

    He is also part of various R&D project related to acceleration of social innovations for sustainable cities.Some of his ongoing projects includes sustainability innovation readiness model, DIGIHUB and innova space .

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    Rupali Deshmukh
    Business Development and Marketing, Senior Coordinator

    Water scarcity and decentralised solutions ( Sweden and India)

    Sustainability professional driven and inspired by sustainable business development,  with solid international experience in delivering sustainable development projects focused on water,waste and resource efficiency for sustainable production.

    IVL runs and Manage Smart City Sweden and part of the Smart City Sweden India Group that focuses on developing projects under Indiaís Smart City Mission.  This is done together with Teknikfˆretagen,Forum for Swedish Smart Grids, Sweco, SIBC under
    the Government of Sweden.

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    Johanna Giorgi
    Sustainability Manager (Staff of the Director General) at the Swedish Agency  for Economic and Regional Growth


    Working with the sustainability aspects of economic development Johanna has been active in developing new means of measuring regional development, complementing GDP. 

    Political scientists by training, Johanna has a strong interest in how to achieve societal change through partnerships, and the role of entrepreneurship in achieving sustainability and  solving challenges of our time.

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    Tomas Grönberg
    CEO IFU Arena

    Tomas has a broad range of experience from the media sector and also from developing new brands and businesses within tourism and experience industry. As the CEO of IFU Arena he handles the collaboration between the Non-profit owners, private and public sector partnerships  and businesses.

    Tomas is currently developing the destination and sports cluster at Gränby sportfält. With experience from other similar developing projects as Wij Trädgårdar, Ockelbo Basket, Gefle Dagblad, and Uppsala Konsert & Kongress he turns vision into operational business.

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    Johanna Sennemark
    Environmental director - SLU University

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    Jerry Löfvenhaft
    IT Operations Manager Traffic, Passenger and Insight systems at UL


    Trafik & Samhälle, Region Uppsala - 'Making Uppsala County and Sweden move, together'.

    Jerry has been dedicated to public transportation and mobility since 2016. He sees sharing data and means of transportation in conjunction with existing public transport networks as a vital part of humanities inevitable transformation towards sustainability and works tirelessly everyday to make public transport more transparent and open for passengers, businesses and the public.

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    Joakim Fichtel
    Business and innovation advisor, ALMI


    Joakim has a passion for entrepreneurial startups and all things related to innovation, with a particular interest in technology that improves human life and society. At Almi, he works as a business and innovation advisor to companies from all backgrounds on their journey of growth. With a background in industrial engineering, Joakim has held various positions within business development in public-private collaborations and international research projects

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    Svante Hagström
    Collaboration manager, Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM)

    Svante has more than 15 years of experience from both B2B and private-public-nonprofit partnerships.

    He is currently engaged in the business development at the sports cluster at Gr‰nby sportfält. Svantes has a vast workplace portfolio, scholar in Corporate Social Responsibility at Uppsala University,  business collaboration manager at Umeå University and CEO at different start-ups among other things.

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    We aim to work in teams & assist society solving some of its main sustainability challenges!

    Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC) , is a community platform for professionals, academics and idealists which its members and partners work on various projects of United Nations sustainability agenda. The key driver for SIC is to provide new ground to technical concepts and innovative ideas dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable society. SIC is based in the academic town of Uppsala in Sweden and it's dedicated team works with sustainable development, innovation- and project management. SIC's role is to help organizations, companies and municipalities to improve their sustainability profile.

    See you on 29th of  March 2019

    Sustainability InnoCenter

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